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    AirCare Specializes in
  Cleanroom Monitoring and Control

     Control and Monitor Fan Operation . Lighting . Monitor Pressure
     Air-Exchanges . Faults . Control and Monitor Cleanroom Operation
     Reduce Energy Consumption . Reduce System Down-Time
AirCare Cleanroom Control Solution Featuring in Controlled Environments Magazine
Featured in Controlled Environments Magazine March 2016 Edition
Monitoring Considerations for Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms
(USP797 & USP800)

Facilities grappling with USP797 and USP800 verify their compliance through cleanroom certification. Airflow measurements, leakage testing and environment measurements (differential pressure, temperate and relative humidity) are documented and certified. Non-cGMP certified facilities, do not generally have ongoing monitoring of their cleanroom space and have difficulties identifying when intervention is required. The challenge for facility managers is how to monitor their day-to-day operations without disrupting the facility or adding significant cost.

AirCare Presenting in IEST 2016

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in May 2 - May 5, 2016 in Arizona

USP 797 and USP 800 Cleanroom Monitoring Solutions
Environment Monitoring, FFU Control and Monitoring
Brings your compounding cleanroom to target operational levels quickly and easily; Provides automatic cleanroom monitoring and traceable documentation to meet USP 797 and USP 800 requirements.
Flexible Options
Field-Configurable option for easy installation at low cost
Facility-Specific option for full environment control

Complete Fan Control and Monitoring System For Your Cleanroom
AC Motor Control by aircareEC Motor Control by aircarecleanroom fan filter control monitering by aircarecleanroom fan filter control design service by aircare

Solution For EC Motor Controls
Support Any Kind of Motors
Not bound to a single motor choice, work with
motors such as Genteq, US Motors/Nidec, EBM
Regal-Begal and Rosenberg
Broader Selections
Network board, Analog-network board, full
feature boards providing manual, analog and
network-selectable on the same board
Customizable Options
Combine multiple boards into one,
different combinations, different
built-in options in to one board.